Remuneration Report

We are pleased to share our remuneration report which focuses on our remuneration strategy and outcomes, in addition to our people and culture highlights for the financial year ending 30 June 2018.

This year, Dexus delivered strong results across all key financial metrics and achieved sustained performance improvements across non-financial areas including the customer net promoter score, safety, employee engagement and environmental sustainability.

At Dexus, we also focus on building a great workplace and corporate culture to support our business strategy and ensure that decisions contribute to sustainable long-term returns. To drive genuine diversity of thought and experience across the group, we launched a new gender diversity target of 40% female representation, 40% male representation and 20% either male or female representation across senior manager roles and above, to be reached by 30 June 2021.

To achieve alignment of interests with our security holders and strengthen engagement within Dexus, our remuneration structure includes deferral of an equity component of the short-term incentive (STI) over 1 and 2 years and long-term incentives (LTI) vesting over 3 and 4 years. And from FY19, we have established a new guideline that will result in Executive Key Management Personnel (KMP) being required to maintain a minimum DXS security holding equivalent to 150% of fixed remuneration for the CEO and 75% of fixed remuneration for other executive KMP.

In FY18, remuneration benchmarking across A-REIT competitors and other companies highlighted that fixed remuneration and the maximum potential opportunity for LTI at Dexus was below our market comparators of similar size and complexity. The Board has agreed to increase the maximum available LTI, delivered as Performance Rights, to ensure that the total remuneration opportunity remains competitive.

In FY18, STI outcomes across the balanced scorecard for KMP were above target, resulting in STIs being awarded to KMP at an average 86% of their maximum potential. All of the four performance hurdles for the LTI plans that vested during FY18 were achieved in full as determined by the Board. There are no changes proposed to Non-Executive Director remuneration for FY19.

As a Board we continue to set incentive targets which reflect our focus on delivering superior risk adjusted returns for investors and sustained performance over the long term. We also monitor the Dexus culture to ensure that behaviours reflect our values and that decisions are made in the best interests of all stakeholders.

Penny Bingham-Hall
Chair – People and Remuneration Committee

This Remuneration Report forms part of the Directors’ Report and outlines the remuneration framework and outcomes for Key Management Personnel (KMP) for FY18.

The main objective of the People and Remuneration Committee (PRC) is to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities by developing the remuneration strategy, framework and policies for Non-Executive Directors, Executive KMP and the Group Management Committee (GMC), for Board approval.

During FY18 the Committee
  • Reviewed and validated the group’s risk culture framework and metrics
  • Monitored the staff engagement survey approach and results
  • Reviewed and approved performance objectives and Key Performance Indicators for the CEO, KMP and other executives
  • Reviewed company performance against business objectives and strategic goals
  • Revised the diversity and inclusion strategy introducing a new gender diversity target of 40:40:20 by 2021
  • Reviewed executive and key talent assessments for succession planning and talent management
  • Introduced a new GMC minimum security holding guideline
  • Undertook remuneration benchmarking for the CEO, KMP and other executives
During FY19 the Committee will focus on
  • Monitoring talent and leadership development programs
  • Monitoring culture metrics and outcomes
  • Refreshing the group’s diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Monitoring and assessing group, CEO, KMP and other executives’ performance
  • Reviewing and approving the group balanced scorecard
  • Continuing to monitor the Company’s executive remuneration to support the business strategy

The report has been prepared and audited in accordance with section 308(3C) of the Corporations Act 2001.

Download the full Remuneration Report 851KB
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