Connecting our customers and communities

Technology is impacting the way our customers work. Whether they are small businesses or major corporations, our customers want spaces that support productivity, collaboration and engagement.

We believe technological advancement brings opportunities and we see this as a chance to further support our customers in their growth and productivity goals.

Our approach, which puts our customers first, helps businesses create more connected workspaces with a better work-life experience.

We believe the workplace should be a strategic lever for organisations to unlock potential. It’s through this lens that we seek to support our customers to be the best they can be by providing better enabled environments.
Kevin George, Dexus Executive General Manager, Office & Industrial
Building in Wellness

A truly sustainable building not only addresses the environmental impact, but also the social impact on its community. That’s why Wellness is an important inclusion in our customer offer.

In our buildings, we consider the health, wellbeing and experience of our customers as a way of impacting organisational culture, engagement and productivity. Embracing Wellness enables us to attract and retain high quality customers and maximise financial performance through lower vacancy rates and higher rents.

Continuing to build on our momentum in this area, this year we introduced Wellplace to our customers. Wellplace provides a suite of health and wellbeing services and amenities within our buildings that can be accessed across our building community portals. This includes integrating fitness into office life by providing quality end of trip facilities, including bicycle storage and group fitness, yoga and pilates classes.

Customer yoga classes on The Terrace at Dexus Place, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW

Creating communities that go beyond the physical space

A ‘smart building’ provides solutions that improve the occupants’ quality of life not simply through gadgets or smart devices, but by using carefully selected, efficient and flexible technology. When used well, a building’s technology can both support and connect all of its occupants.

We are embedding sophisticated technologies into the fabric of our buildings to not only future proof their performance by improving their quality and long-term appeal, but to create smart buildings of the future.

Our smart building blueprint will be rolled out at 100 Mount Street, North Sydney, where we are implementing more than 15 innovative technologies to deliver a better customer experience, optimising workforce productivity and wellbeing, and improving the building’s sustainability performance.

Our smart building solutions aim to provide advanced connectivity, including whole building cellular coverage which is future enabled for the arrival of the 5G network. Data captured through sensors aims to provide rich insights into building performance and enable our customers to tailor their experience by controlling their workspace heating and cooling, or to understand how their space is being used to optimise their own workspace design.

The benefits of new technologies for our customers are wide ranging. In our smart buildings, customers will not only be able to enhance the productivity, wellbeing and safety of their employees, they will reduce energy consumption; all advantages that our customers can use to attract and retain talent.

To learn more about Dexus’s FY19 focus to prepare our customers for the future, while nurturing well-connected, prosperous and supported communities, visit Future enabled customers and Strong communities
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